Crystal clear water side 1973

Trojan UV systems for drinking water

NOKA AS is the pioneer of UV in Norway and our first facility was provided as early as 1974. Three years later, i 1977, We delivered it with their 1.000 m³ / h was then the world's UV systems for drinking water. 30 years later, this plant is still in operation.

Since its inception in 1974 We have delivered more than 1300 UV systems for drinking water, aquaculture and industries across the country.

UV treatment of water is currently seen as the most appropriate method for the inactivation of the pathogenic parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which unfortunately have been detected in raw water sources.

UV light ensures that the pathogenic microbes harmless and is no longer able to reproduce. UV-C Head 254 nm is the most effective wavelength.

UV systems are available for small installations for cabins and homes all the way up to the largest water works in the world. Our partner TROJAN is now in the process of delivering UV plant to New York City in the U.S.. Here at home we have now delivered and put into operation the UV system to IVAR IKS, one of the largest UV plant for drinking water.

In order to dimension a UV unit properly, it is important that the data of the water is known, especially UV transmission and color figures. When we know this, together with the amount of water to be treated, it is a simple matter for us to offer a unit to suit every need.

TROJAN UV units are type approved by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and has undergone third party testing and validation. This is to the customer as well as we need to be absolutely sure that it is delivered in line with Drikkevannsforskriften.

Trojan UV Swift SC low pressure UV systems

Conventional UV systems are so-called low-pressure UV lamps and it is these facilities it is providing most of. Suitable for both small and large water utilities, but for large waterworks, these plants will require some space.

Some of our larger installations with Trojan UV Swift

SC low pressure UV systems are:

• IVAR IKS, Stavanger: 12 stk Trojan UV Swift SC D30
• Kristiansand Kommune: 8 stk Trojan UV Swift SC D30
• Rana Kommune: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift SC D30 PN16
• Skidders Municipality: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift SC D30 PN16
• Frevar, Fredrikstad: 5 stk Trojan UV Swift SC D30
• Arendal Kommune: 8 stk Trojan UV Swift SC C30
• Gjøvik Municipality: 4 stk Trojan UV Swift SC C30

Trojan UV Swift medium pressure UV systems

In recent years we have also supplied Trojan medium pressure UV systems for water utilities. This is a type of UV systems with powerful lights than traditional UV systems, and means that the space required for installation is less. Suitable for installation in existing waterworks with limited space, and / or if there are large amounts of water to be treated.

Some of our installations with Trojan UV Swift medium pressure UV systems are:

• Vikelvdalen, Trondheim: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift 10L30
• Olen Vassverk: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift 4L12
• Forde Vassverk: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift 4L12
• Folland Won Works: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift 4L12
• Lower Raumarike Waterworks: 4 stk Trojan UV Swift 4L24
• Oppegård Waterworks: 2 stk Trojan UV Swift 6L24

FREVARTrojan UV systems for wastewater UV systems for disinfection of waste water treatment plants are not used in Norway, but we are experiencing a growing curiosity and interest in this. EU's. Bathing water Directive sets requirements for good microbiological quality of bathing beaches, and it is in Europe installed many UV facility last purification step in sewage plant. Here in Norway, we are currently one Trojan UV systems for wastewater disinfection. Volla WWTP in Skidders Municipality chose to install this when they built a new treatment plant a few years back. The river that flows through the district's recipient, and is also used as a water source for irrigation of fields downstream treatment plant. There is a lot of berry production in the municipality, and it is very important that there is no disease-causing bacteria in water used for irrigation of berry that goes straight to the consumer. We expect that there will be increasing interest in this in the years to come because many plants are discharged into rivers and lakes. Trojan UV systems are an energy- and environmentally effective method of disinfection of wastewater. Bathing water quality is now also checked on beaches in Norway, indicating an increased focus on keeping the total microbiological activity down also from municipal treatment plants.