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UV systems and membrane filtration systems

We perform service and maintenance throughout the country on our UV and membrane filtration systems.

Standard service for a UV system consists among others. by :

  • Cleaning the quartz tube inside / outside
  • Cleaning the sensor glass inside / outside
  • Control of electrical components
  • Change of required parts
  • Analysis of the water
  • Measurement of UV transmittance
  • The calibration of the UV intensity sensor
  • Servicerapport

Standard service for a membrane filter system comprises, among others,. by:

  • Readout of vital operational data before starting service work.
  • Checking and possibly. cleaning of the prefilter. Checking and possibly. adjusting valves. Checking the condition of pipework.
  • Checking possibly. associated pumps in trykk, capacity and walk.
  • Checking and possibly. adjustment of dosing pumps. Checking the status of dosing lines and – ventilate.
  • Checking of the pneumatic system. Main cleaning of the membranes with addition of detergent and the subsequent circulation system.
  • Flush the detergent, dumping of clean water and Commissioning.
  • Readout of vital operational data for completed service.
  • Evt. adjustment of the operating parameters for optimal operation. Servicerapport.

Send us a request and we will provide a quote. The costs made the lowest by making a distribution to all our customers in the region, both UV and membrane as long as this can be combined. This is our customers owed by a less expensive service cost.

If you want deals on service, or have questions, please send us a request by mail or fax +47 33 18 05 31.

No matter what time of day you stand up in a problem, call us! We are a small, but in return flexible firm. Please contact us directly on mobile:

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