Crystal clear water side 1973

About us

NOKA AS was established in 1973, as an engineering company with water treatment which his specialty. Today, we are one of the leading water treatment company.


Main work has always been drinking, focusing on membrane filters, alkalizing and disinfection.

The use of UV as an alternative to chlorine by Norwegian waterworks were introduced by NOKA as early as 1974. We can justifiably claim to have pioneered UV. We have been providing UV to several of the largest waterworks in Norway. Since 1995 We have delivered a wide range of membrane filtration systems. Most of these are based on NF (nanofiltration). I 2007 we introduced the country's first ultra filtration plant (UF).

Rather than deliver specific products and standardized equipment, we want to offer our customers complete, customized systems, In other words,:

Solutions to water quality problems.

Our objective is to further develop the company to become the most advanced water treatment technology in Norway. We will also strive to be market, both in terms of service and price.

Our strategy and vision relies on being able to deliver crystal-clear water to as many as possible using the clean technology at our disposal. The goal is to be known that our customers are happy with the system as well as collaboration solution.