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Membrane filter plant

NOKA delivered its first membrane filter plant in 1995 and has since delivered a further. 40 membrane filtration plant. In recent years, most of our jobs with a membrane filter system has been in rehabilitation.

Be it:

  • New membranes
    Askvoll - BulandetDifferent types depending on the raw water and requirements for clean water
  • New snubbing
    Expansion of water capacity
  • Ny PLS
    More user-friendly and easier to make spare parts
  • New prefilter
    Better pretreatment
  • New circulation pump
    Better self-purification potential
  • Modification of piping
    Revisions process
  • New Instruments
    More user, greater reliability
  • UV systems
    Extra hygienic barrier

NOKA has performed and performs all possible rehabilitation work on membrane filter plant matter systems supplier.

Of these new membrane filter plants are two of a ultrafiltration. This is an exciting up and coming type of membrane filtration was used extensively in Europe and elsewhere.

We are proud to have delivered the first full-scale UF plant for drinking water here in Norway with a water capacity of 12 000 m3/d. Göteborg Vatten now follows soon after with a new UF system for drinking water, capacity 42 000 m3/d. NOKA drove in a pilot for a few months to show that the film would be an appropriate option in this case.

NOKA has extensive experience in both the management and design of membrane filtration systems.

Our strategy is based on delivering crystal clear water to as many as possible using clean technology at our disposal. The goal is to be a company that is known for its clients are satisfied with both system solution that cooperation.

This is something we think all our references on the membrane filter system can verify. Please contact us for our reference list - the we are proud!

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